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Treehouse project with 3 wrap-around decks:

Rope Bridge:

Enter the adventure and treehouse from the grass lawn:
1    Rope Bridge [Indiana Jones style Rope bridge] providing a spectacular 'wow entrance' to your treehouse adventure
Beautiful ropes in natural coloured polyhemp that is soft and kind to children's hands - Polyhemp will not rot or decay
Graceful and playful entrance from the grass lawn into the treehouse across beautiful round timber logs of Radiata Pine
An adventure 'play' item in itself for kids to chase, swing and imagine in a world between woodland and treehouse

"Have you ever enjoyed the thrill of holding out your arms, taking a deep breath and crossing a ditch on a fallen tree…try a Treehouse Life Rope 'canyon' Bridge?"

Leading effortlessly into:

Adventure treehouse:
Uber-treehouse adventure wrapped by a spiral of decks at 12 levels that hug the treehouse
Large 'treehouse-suppers' deck with views and opportunity for family feasts:

1    A spiral of wonderfully adventurous 'wrap-around' tree decks at 12 different levels that hug the treehouse

"…and love trees - boughs and branches emerge seamlessly through the decks providing a beautiful relationship with the tree"

Beautiful decks & joists of Premium Yellow Southern Pine - structurally perfect C24 timbers in beautiful woodland colours
Pressure treated guaranteed against rot & decay for up to 15 years - no further maintenance required!
Supported by upright rounds of gorgeous Radiata Pine in natural woodland colours, also guaranteed 15 years
Timber balustrade with shelf to all decks at 760 to 900mm with Barked Larch cladding completing a safe environment for all children

2a    Uber-adventure treehouse

"What child would say NO to a world filled with adventure and intrigue - the chance to conquer the unknown and still have enough energy to live a 'Treehouse' life?"

External finish of Radiata Pine half rounds in beautiful woodland colours
Internal cladding of gorgeous treated panels in the same woodland colours
Spacious 3.0m diameter
Two Hammocks hanging inside for magical sleep-over's
Just add a couple of camping mats for wild, wilderness sleeping fun for four
2b    African Thatch roof - entirely waterproof, fabulous sun-shade & insulating qualities
2c    Treehouse shutter windows to all wished elevations and views
2d    Treehouse door
2e    Large Sun-Deck for play, relaxation and family 'treehouse-suppers'

3    Secret hatchway opening to views and a descent from inside the treehouse  via our big chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder

"What better way is there to enter your treehouse domain than by climbing up a swinging ladder and discovering the unknown?"

Large 'wrap-around' Climbing and Bouldering Wall:
Wrap around Climbing & Bouldering Wall with access to treehouse decks

"Can you imagine the sense of achievement when you look back down and realise that you have scaled up a towering wall and perhaps conquered your greatest fear…?"

Scramble Net:

Scramble Net of black netting - soft and kind to children's hands - huge, comfortable and relaxing, also magically 'invisible' against a woodland/garden background

"As you put your foot on the first rung, can you imagine you are setting off up a perilous mountain face, or escaping monsters that are hot on your heels?"

Treehouse Slide:
Stainless Steel Slide a wonderfully large 'grown-up' slide installed to deck height at 2.1m or 2.4m
Beautiful and adventurous slide run from the treehouse deck down towards the grass lawn
"Have you ever wished that you could go down the 'Slippery- Slip', hidden deep in the trunk of the magical 'Faraway Tree'?"

Fireman's Pole in stainless steel

Picnic Basket & Pulley, from the play deck to hoist goodies from the grass up into the treehouse

Monkey Bars and Grip-Handles underneath decks [in stainless-steel] at a range of heights

Magical treehouse lighting:
Solar LED magical treehouse lighting to treehouse and all decks

"If you could go a little bit 'greener' every month and still enjoying living in luxury, wouldn't you want to give it a go?"

Magical luminaries to deck steps and inside the Treehouse
Stainless steel IP68 units [highest possible rating], cool to the touch [for children's bare feet and hands] and entirely waterproof
Solar panel to roof with a suggested contingency of 7 hours continuous light [perfect for woodland setting and not requiring direct sunlight]
Battery power unit built in safely to bespoke construction
Switching [to be discussed and placed as convenient to client needs]
We can also install certified mains electricity and remote switching - POA [subject to survey]

Tree Canopy Walkway:
1    Large suspended 4-sided Rope Ladder descent to [or access from] the woodland floor at both ends of the Tree-Canopy Walkway
Designed using big chunky slabbed logs of Radiata Pine
Suspended with 'kind-to-the-hands' natural coloured polyhemp ropes, our rope ladders really do create a challenging way to reach your treehouse in the sky
Leading to:

2    Tree-canopy Walkway, a Hammock Bridge suspended and stretching between trees

"Who wouldn't want the opportunity to run in mid air, racing along through the treetops?"

Breathtaking but safe suspended bridge, a tree-top woodland walk with Treehouse Life
A beautiful walk through the tree-tops and a relaxing place to sit and enjoy nature at its most natural

Zip Wire:
1    Zip Slide in a new and fresh location
Zip Slide run with opportunities here to create 2 Zip Wire runs for Zip Slide 'races'
Double Zip Slide from frame to frame
Fun adventures for Zip Wire 'races' and games!
Options for Button Seat or Knotted Rope
[Commercial grade zip trolley/certified 10mm steel cable/all materials certificated for use beyond all reasonable contingincies]

"Can you imagine being able to glide through the air…?"

2    Zip Slide launch platforms
Exciting stepped launch area in rustic woodland timbers, providing a range of heights and positions from which to set off on the adventure
Beautiful decks & joists of Premium Yellow Southern Pine - structurally perfect C24 timbers in beautiful woodland colours
Pressure treated guaranteed against rot & decay for up to 15 years - no further maintenance required!
Supported by upright rounds of gorgeous Radiata Pine in natural woodland colours
Timber balustrade with shelf to all decks and half-height rope balustrade, completing a safe environment for all children

Tube Slide:
Large, thrilling embankment tube slide from a bespoke platform incorporating Zip Slide launch platform

Swing 'A' Frame:
Wooden Swing Seat and Nest Swing suspended from large 'A' frame providing a stunning swing for kids play and beautiful adult relaxation

"Who doesn't enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of swinging up high into the air; so high your feet can almost touch the clouds?"

We recommend SpringFree trampolines because they offer significant designed safety benefits
We suggest the jumbo square trampoline for an energetic bounce for kids AND adults


Its a whole suspended treehouse experience with Treehouse Life

Picnic Basket and Pulley by Treehouse Life

Woodland play-station and Treehouse Canopy Walkway by Treehouse Life

Just the most beautiful garden Nest Swing by Treehouse Life

Group Slides by Treehouse Life

Beautiful woodland Zip Wire by Treehouse Life

Woodland Rope Bridge by Treehouse Life

Bouldering adventures for gardens and schools by Treehouse Life

Tree Canopy Walkway by Treehouse Life

Magical Log Rope Bridge treehouse entrance

Double Zip Wire for Zip Wire races by Treehouse Life

Cool to the touch LED treehouse lighting

A group Nest Swing for group play by Treehouse Life

Beautiful natural play with Treehouse Life interiors

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