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Treehouses for everyone "...a world away from everyday"

What we do

At Treehouse Life we don't just design, create or even construct treehouses.

We offer the chance to discover new lands within your own world. Not only to dress-up and play 'lets pretend' but also to relax and enjoy every free minute that you have. This is what we do - we offer a chance to live a 'Treehouse' life.

And while, especially in recent times, a treehouse may not be seen as a 'must have' necessity, maybe that is where it's real appeal lies.

For on one hand a treehouse is undoubtedly a luxury. A beautiful gift to give those you love, or even to yourself, so as to indulge every whim. On the other hand, a treehouse is all about getting back to basics. It represents breaking free from an age of progress and technology. It reminds you to appreciate all the things in your lives that really make you happy, instead of wasting time, energy and money on those 'things' that you think you should.

So, whether a treehouse might mean to you that ideal place for the kids to stretch their legs and let off some stream during the day. Or maybe the perfect escape for you to chill out, unwind and entertain your friends under the stars at night.

At Treehouse Life we build treehouses for everyone and for every occasion.

With so many businesses now turning their attention to finding a more environmentally friendly alternative, our worldwide consultancy service can now help you to find a better way.

At Treehouse Life Consultancy, we offer affordable and sustainable 'treehouse solutions' that are guaranteed to suit any business. Designs that will not only reduce your carbon footprint and save you money, but will also help your employees to tap into the very emotions that 'outdoor living' can create.

We can take your big ideas and ensure that they make perfect commercial sense. We can help your business to experience all of the benefits of living a 'Treehouse' life.

A treehouse in 3 easy steps...

Free initial site visit

To share ideas, imagine and create we will listen to your thoughts and understand your requirements. Find out more...

Consultation, design and budget

Solutions and proposals by sharing 3D model design movies, photos and detailed budgets. Find out more...

Delivery, build and service

A treehouse project beyond your dreams, built by craftsmen and enjoyed for a lifetime. Find out more...

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"What a pleasure to have a job done so well..."

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