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"You delivered on everything you had said you would do and on time..."

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Treehouse Life are currently an awesome Treetop Walkway and 'floating' suspended deck high in the trees at RSPB Coombes Valley.  Who wouldn't want the opportunity of an adventure in mid air, walking through the treetops? 

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Our unique Tree-top or Tree Canopy Walkways offer the perfect way to connect platforms and treehouses, especially when combined with our signature big chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder, spiralling high up from the woodland floor into a Hammock Bridge.

Designed using junctions of log platforms up to 12m above the woodland floor, and connected by way of a series of suspended bridges that stretch anywhere from 25m, to 100m or more as they wind through the trees that support them.

This unmissable Treehouse Life experience providing stunning viewing 'stations' and a graceful walk with nature, all the time securely wrapped up in the deep safety netting. 

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"One day it's a castle, the next a cafe - it's great for her imagination..."

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"What a beautiful way to enjoy time with the kids whilst also a beautiful place to enjoy summer suppers together as a family..."

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