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"Sara spends hours there playing make-believe games. It's a real feast for her imagination..."

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be Peter Pan, Tarzan or even Jane - able to swing fearlessly through the treetops or fly through the air as you whoop with delight?

Imagine a secret world, hidden away amongst the trees - a place to really make your mark and conquer all your fears. Wooden walkways set up high amongst the tree canopies, snaking through the branches and brushing past leaves. Swinging bridges suspended in mid air, inviting you to take a big breathe, stretch out your arms and cross deep ragged ravines and mountainous terrain. And all without ever needing to put yourself in harms way.

Tree 'surfing' offers all of this and so much more. A chance to push all the boundaries and try things you never dreamed you could do. To go up high above the ground, fill your lungs with fresh air and stretch your legs as you run.

An exciting new development from Treehouse Life, these suspended structures, hung as low as 1m and as high as 15m from the ground, provide a safe yet exhilarating way to connect treehouses with platforms, or simply to take the most exciting 'walk in the woods' around.

Who would say NO to being able to run through thin air - the chance to touch the tops of the trees and experience the exhilaration of a 'Treehouse' life?

"When the inner-child wants to build - we have self-build solutions..."

Tree 'surfing' treehouses...

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"Our suspended tree canopy walkways are a thrilling back garden and woodland adventure - we call it 'tree-surfing'..."

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