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Millie's treehouse in London by Treehouse Life

Back in 2002, when Paul Cameron was looking to encourage adventurous ideas and a passion for imagination in his own two young boys, he started looking into what sort of treehouses were available on the market. After a little research, he soon came to realise that they really only came in two types - the pre-fabricated playground schemes, or the incredibly expensive cubby house in a tree, offering nothing more than just a place to sit.

Not happy with either scenario, Paul decided that the quickest solution was to simply come up with something himself, but this time designing the treehouse that represented a child's view of childhood, not an adult's view of what they thought it should be.

Off the back of this first design for his own children, Paul formed Treehouse Life in January 2005...and the rest as they say, is history.

Knowing that the key to success for our company was the people who would drive each project, Paul immediately brought together an experienced team. Individuals who not only shared his creative instincts, passion and vision for the business, but also offered a wide range of highly specialised skills, such as engineering, tree surgery, carpentry and joinery.

Over the course of the last 8 years, Treehouse Life has continued to grow and evolve. We have pushed forward with new ideas and innovations, going where no other treehouse company has gone before.

Now leading the market with our unforgettable designs, Treehouse Life's treehouses are 'A' List photographic 'models', featured regularly on the TV, as well as in any number of leading newspapers and glossy magazines.

Having already brought the joy of the 'Treehouse' life to so many customers around the world, including a host of celebrity parents, such as Gary Barlow from Take That, at Treehouse Life we continue to help adults tap into their inner-child, and let them give their own children the sort of childhood they had always dreamt of having.

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