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Solar-powered treehouses a world away from everyday...worldwide!

Beautiful solar powered treehouse lighting Thatched roof mounted solar lighting by Treehouse Life Solar powered treehouse lighting by Treehouse Life Cool to the touch LED lights by Treehouse Life Solar power lighting by Treehouse Life Beautiful blend of woodland timbers and stainles steel lights Solar treehouses by Treehouse Life

"You delivered on everything you had said you would do and on time..."

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Share new ideas, imagine & create - we will listen to your thoughts and wishes. Discover more and Contact Treehouse Life

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A treehouse project for your dreams, built by craftsmen and enjoyed for a lifetime. Discover more and Contact Treehouse Life

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Just because the evenings draw in and the stars come out, there is no reason why you still can't continue to make the most of your 'Treehouse' life.

With our Barefoot Lighting range for treehouses, decking and outdoor living, your adventure world, home away from home or luxury retreat can still be beautifully lit and inviting to use.

These stunning 'hot' designs and 'cool-to-the-touch' lights really are the perfect addition to any one of our treehouses. They are 100% safe to use and pose no threat to either the wooden structure of the treehouse or any passing hands or feet.

"You delivered on everything you had said you would do and on time..."

Solar-powered treehouses...

LED lights




"Natural power, hot design and cool-to-the touch LED's gave a magical make-believe to our treehouse ..."

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