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"One day it's a castle, the next a cafe - it's great for her imagination..."

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When most parents think back to their own childhood, they remember a time when their back garden was an exciting land to explore. Where trees were to sit in, bushes to crawl through and cubby houses were just waiting to be built.

This was a time when it was safe to roam around nearby fields, ride your bike for hours on end and wade through ponds and streams. This was a time when the only thing on TV was a smiling clown and the A-Team, and an active imagination turned out to be your very best friend.

This was definitely a time before 24-hour cartoon channels, mobile phones, the Internet and highly addictive computer games.

Sadly, these times have now changed. Children have lost the sense of freedom that we once had, and forgotten how to create their own world of make-believe and self-discovery. The great outdoors, a place fuelled by fresh air and fun, has now been replaced with a couch. Toys all require batteries and the next generation only want to exercise if it takes place in an online world.

At Treehouse Life we are all about offering an alternative to this sort of world. We create playhouse spaces where children can learn just how much fun 'playing' really is. We create a place where parents can safely send their children out to run around, and then watch them develop and grow, pushing boundaries and challenging their capabilities.

We strongly believe that by mixing a little imagination with some fresh air and exercise, we can help your children to stay fit and healthy and teach them how to use their bodies, brains and bright ideas.

"A treehouse is something that a child will never forget..."

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"Treehouses are not just for children...they also make great retreats, workplaces and even second homes..."

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