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Who is Paul Cameron?

Paul Cameron creates treehouses for Treehouse Life Paul Cameron with Walt Disneys Dreaming Tree Paul Cameron CEO Founder of Treehouse Life

Paul Cameron, the founder and CEO of Treehouse Life is certainly a man in touch with his inner-child. You could almost say he is the Peter Pan of the treehouse world.

For while many adults have all but forgotten the joy and innocence of childhood games, Paul is still lucky enough to see a world full of fantasy and endless opportunities.

Perhaps this is because of his own fondest childhood memory, the treehouse that his grandfather once built for him. Or maybe it is something he experiences through the eyes of his own two young boys, Elliott and Charlie.

Now on their third treehouse, they will no doubt look back one day and realise that as far as they were concerned, their dad did indeed have the best job in the world.

While not always in the treehouse business, Paul has always used his creativity to touch and inspire those around him. Following his training at the Royal College of Music, he went on to achieve a truly impressive musical career. With directing roles in the Royal National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the West End under his belt, Paul also went on to perform on the Oscar-winning film track 'Shakespeare in Love' and published a series of successful books.

Given his natural affinity with children and his highly creative and eclectic background, trading in a career in music for a magical journey amongst the trees was not much of a leap for Paul to take. He merely transferred his endless ideas and boundless energy into designing and creating something that he felt passionate about - building a company that brings children's dreams to life.

Indeed, it is Paul's appreciation of just how important it is to develop a child's imagination through play, which helps give him an even better understanding of the role his treehouses can play in their development. 

Being the inspiration and the energy behind Treehouse Life, Paul is personally involved with every project that Treehouse Life takes on. From running through the initial ideas with the client, to completing the build on-site, Paul's signature can clearly be seen stamped on every treehouse that he designs.

"She spends hours in there playing make-believe games - it's a real feast for her imagination..."

Who is Paul Cameron...?

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"You have to be a big kid to think of something like this, but who doesn't have an inner child just waiting to be released...?"

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