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Nest Swings & cushions by Treehouse Life Just the most beautiful garden Nest Swing by Treehouse Life Beautifully natural Lake Nest Swing by Treehouse Life Playing together Nest Swing with Treehouse Life Nest Swing seat by Treehouse Life Beautfully suspended Nest Swing with NO timber frame A group Nest Swing for group play by Treehouse Life Natural Nest Swing by Treehouse Life Dreaming imagination with beautiful Nest Swings by Treehouse Life Our Nest Swing is beautiful for grown ups and children

"I purchased a Nest Swing from Treehouse Life.

The swing is absolutely gorgeous, big enough for the whole family and we have spent the entire weekend in it following installation.

Paul is delightful to deal with and he and his colleague Toby did a fantastic job installing it, taking a lot of care to make sure it was safe, had plenty of room to swing. They also followed up after completion with suggestions of how to secure the swing and links to useful accessories.

I couldn't be happier."


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Who doesn't enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of swinging up high into the air; so high your feet can almost touch the clouds?

Our beautifully crafted Nest Swings available in a number of sizes, colours and materials offer the chance to experience this and so much more. A world away from just an everyday swing and the perfect addition to your 'tree house' and outdoors life, whether you are young in years or just young at awesome Nest Swing present, a wonderful addition to the garden and the most memorable childhood feelings.

Our Nest Swing installation is suspended between branches and boughs with a luxuriously large pendulum providing a stunning swing for kids play and with fabulous outside cushion options a beautiful 'grown-up' relaxation.

Anchor points in branches with a pendulum as high as the highest branches. Attachment to trees using tested and certificated green duplex polyester webbing sling, proof load safety factor 7:1, safe working load 2000kg. 3.25T blue pin fed spec alloy screw pin bow shackles, proof load 6.5 tonne, safe working load 3.25 tonne and 20mm galvanised eye/eye tubular bodied rigging screws, one for each line [each is independent], c/w lock nuts, proof load 3 tonnes, safe working load 1.5 tonnes. Steel cables with attachment to Nest Swing in 10mm steel cables - 7 strands, 19 wires per strand, tensile strength of wire 1770N/mm2, load at which sample breaks 6.42 tonnes, safe working load 1.28 tonnes, factor of safety 5:1, standard - EN12385-4:2002.

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