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What materials do we use?

Treehouse Life create treehouses with a natural blend to trees

At Treehouse Life we have spent many years researching and resourcing the best materials to use; materials that will compliment our treehouse designs and really withstand the test of time.

As timber is the main raw material used to construct a treehouse, it is obviously very important to us that we use only timbers that are produced, graded and managed to withstand the demanding requirements of every wooden tree house that we build.

For example, while we love the look and feel of round wood timber, it does typically produce air cracks along its length as it stretches and constricts, with every change in moisture and temperature. This would therefore make it an unacceptable material for the look and longevity of the tree house, as would any timber that has been developed specifically for the fencing business.

So what materials DO we use? At Treehouse Life we use Radiata Pine, sourced from the managed and environment friendly forests in South Africa. As well as being guaranteed not to produce any finger sized air cracks, our pine is also fully FSA approved.

To date, Treehouse Life is the ONLY tree house company in the UK to standardise on this quality of round wood timber.

But we don't just limit our exacting high standards to the main structure of the tree house.
At Treehouse Life we understand that it is just as important for the underneath of the structure to look as good as the house itself. So with this in mind, we have resourced the perfect joist, beam and decking timber to compliment the Radiata Pine.

Southern Yellow Pine, or Monterey Pine as it is known across the water, is shipped over from California, before being taken to our own workshops for final preparations. At this stage, all sharp edges and rough surfaces are carefully removed, so as not to cause any problems later down the line for small hands and feet.

All of our timbers undergo an extensive preservation process directly prior to their arrival on-site - a process that guarantees against rot and decay for beyond 15 years. This modern selected treatment also allows the natural beauty and true colours of both the Radiata Pine and the Southern Yellow Pine to shine through. This serves to enhance every design, rather than imposing an unnatural stain or colour, as is achieved when using a chemical process.

But it's not just the standard of our timber that we are fussy about. All other materials for our tree house designs also have to meet very high standards. From the bespoke rope products, to the galvanised steel prepared cables and the barefoot lighting, we ensure that everything we use on, in or around your tree house will be safe to use, incredibly durable and of course, pleasing to the eye.

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What materials do we use...?


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