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Beautiful blue cedar with lake views become a treehouse adventure with Treehouse Life

No you don't! So just because you don't have any trees in your garden, it doesn't mean you can't still experience the excitement of owning your own treehouse.

How is that possible? Because at Treehouse Life we don't actually NEED to use trees for structure, we can create our treehouses with nothing more than a little bit of open space and an awful lot of imagination.

Our treehouses are designed to work WITH the natural 'architecture' of the tree, or group of trees, and to merely make the most of what nature has provided us.

We have already designed and built many treehouses without trees, and can happily say that the end result was neither lacking nor limited in anyway.

It is because we do not build and attach our treehouses onto the tree, that we guarantee we will never cause any damage to the tree itself. Occasionally some minor branches may need to be removed to accommodate the design, but this is always carried out by a professional tree surgeon and will never be detrimental to the health of the tree.

Of course any trees that you do have will only add to the overall effect, and help to 'dress' the end design product. Groups of trees are particularly effective as they can help us to draw on the relationship between the treehouse and the trees, and create even more adventurous routes for the bridges, zip wires and tree-canopy walkways to take.

To go 'tree surfing' will of course require a tree at each end of the tree-canopy walkway, but this one element of design aside, the only thing that can limit the possibilities of your adventure treehouse, is your own imagination.


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Do we need a tree...?


Treehouse overlooking river

Treehouse rope bridge


"Every day when the kids come home, we go outside and play battles across the fortress..."

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