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"Our suspended tree canopy walkways are a thrilling back garden and woodland adventure - we call it 'tree-surfing'..."

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When creating a new treehouse, it can never simply be designed on a flat piece of paper. It is a multi-dimensional design, requiring perspective, depth, height and dimension. More importantly perhaps, because a treehouse is a living, breathing structure, it needs to be injected with a little life and soul - and a heartbeat.

Every design that Paul Cameron creates reflects his strong sense of fun and adventure. His search for the perfect balance between indoor living space and outdoors play. His vision for offering the ultimate in luxury outdoors resort living.

Always thinking outside of the box and pushing his designs to the next level, Paul is constantly looking for ways to improve and embellish his existing ideas. But even more than that, he is always looking for way to reinvent the expected and steer clear of the norm.

All of Paul's designs take into account the expectations of the client, the wishes that they have and the functionality that they require. His treehouses are designed to work in unison with the space that they sit in, utilising all available resources and highlighting the qualities and features of the garden.

Looking to blend in with, and compliment the natural surrounding, none of Paul's treehouses ever damage the look or health of the trees. On the contrary, his treehouses and unique system of spiralling decks that swirl and hug the treehouse itself, work in conjunction with the natural architecture of the tree and it's individual branches.

With the focus on creating a groundbreaking style of 'circular' flow for play, every Paul Cameron design is not so much about just building a treehouse, as it is about creating a complete adventure in 3D.

"Our suspended tree canopy walkways are a thrilling back garden and woodland adventure - we call it 'tree-surfing'..."

Design by Paul Cameron...

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"Every treehouse a performance...truly a moment of excellence..."

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