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"Following our FREE initial site visit we enjoy a full and complete consultation with you.  We will now know and understand all your requirements and have listened to your thoughts and perhaps also those of your children.  We may have photos of your garden space and have taken measurements, also made notes of design lines, sun direction, accessibility and imagined the 'story' we need to tell with your treehouse design.

All this flows seamlessly into our 3D sketch drawing model, which when combined with photos and discussions of all the adventure we can offer will begin to shape what is possible in response to your needs.  Having built the treehouse design once within a fully measured 3D model we know through experience our costs for materials and construction which we then accurately translate into a meaningful and detailed budget.

Where possible and convenient, we like to schedule a personal presentation of all designs, photos and budget options - we enjoy to talk this through with you and show you in your garden how this works - both for you, your children, your garden and your budget...we respond to all your requirements."

PAUL CAMERON [CEO & Founder, Treehouse Life]

Site visit or email, skype [lovetreehouses] & phone

Share new ideas, imagine & create - we will listen to your thoughts and wishes. Discover more and Contact Treehouse Life

Delivery, build & service - a guaranteed lifetime investment

A treehouse project for your dreams, built by craftsmen and enjoyed for a lifetime. Discover more and Contact Treehouse Life


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