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Outdoor Classroom by Treehouse LIfe Big Chunky 4-sided Rope Ladder by Treehouse Life Suspended platform by Treehouse Life Tree Canopy Walkway for schools by Treehouse Life Ground based Climbing Wall by Treehouse Life Childrens Centre ground based Climbing Wall by Treehouse Life Woodland Climbing Wall by Treehouse Life Childrens Centre climbing wall by Treehouse Life Treehouse for a Childrens Centre in London Picnic Basket and Pulley by Treehouse Life

"Sara spends hours there playing make-believe games. It's a real feast for her imagination..."

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Who said that going to school couldn't be an adventure everyday? With our exciting range of practical and affordable outdoor classrooms and pavilions, children can now sit back, learn and explore the world from the relaxed and imaginative setting of their own tree house.

Offering students and staff alike the chance to experience the high-life, up close to the tree canopy, while also providing the ultimate in 'sun shade' solutions.

With a straightforward  'one week build' and the peace of mind gained from knowing we use only the safest, child friendly materials, what better way could there be to embrace an empty space in your school setting? So whether you are looking for a place to learn, play or inspire, why not choose a Treehouse Life tree house as your school project - something that will surely make you the envy of PTA's and school projects across the land.

Who would say NO to installing a sense of adventure, imagination and pride into every child - the chance for them to reach for the stars and experience the opportunities of living a 'Treehouse' life?

"One day it's a castle, the next a cafe - it's great for her imagination..."

School project treehouses...

Climbing Wall




"We appreciated a company that understands EN1177 and a child's aspiration for adventure..."

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