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Resort treehouses a world away from everyday...worldwide!

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"A treehouse is something that a child will never forget..."

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Share new ideas, imagine & create - we will listen to your thoughts and wishes. Discover more and Contact Treehouse Life

Consultation, design & budget with proven results

Results and proposals with 3D model design movies, photos and budgets Discover more and Contact Treehouse Life

Delivery, build & service - a guaranteed lifetime investment

A treehouse project for your dreams, built by craftsmen and enjoyed for a lifetime. Discover more and Contact Treehouse Life

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What more could you ask for than a personal luxury resort, hidden away in the privacy of your back garden?

Breathtaking treehouses, boasting bespoke tree decks wrapped around your favourite view. Beautiful lines and quality craftsmanship; sunken bubbling spas and the latest in luxury living, all tucked away under an African thatched roof. 

A promise of blissful relaxation and tranquil surroundings at the end of every day. A chance for some much needed 'me time' in which to pamper your body and soothe your soul.

Who would say NO to a little piece of heaven in your very own backyard - the chance to escape from reality and experience the sheer joy a 'Treehouse' life?

"One day it's a castle, the next a cafe - it's great for her imagination..."

Resort treehouses...

Treehouse in the trees




"With projects in Fiji, Spain, Ibiza, Bulgaria, India, USA, Germany and Switzerland, our resort concepts have worldwide solutions..."

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