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"We appreciated a company that understands EN1177 and a child's aspiration for adventure..."

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Everybody likes a challenge, but do you think you have what it takes to use your head and your strength to keep both feet off the ground?

Our Bouldering Walls, also known as Traverse Walls are an adventure all by themselves, and all at only 600mm off the ground. Requiring physical strength, concentration and quick thinking, the challenge is to find a route using the colour coded climbing holds and complete the journey without ever touching the ground.

Whether incorporated into our treehouse designs or built as a 'stand-alone' product for adventurous play in schools and recreation areas, we can also provide relevant ground surfacing solutions for safe play.

Treehouse Life always designs specifically for the use intended and is sensitive to both RoSPA Play Safety guidelines and education authority specialists.

"What a beautiful way to enjoy time with the kids whilst also a beautiful place to enjoy summer suppers together as a family..."

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"When the inner-child wants to build - we have self-build solutions..."

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